“This book is dedicated to my parents, my dog Precious, and my friends and enemies in Lakewood High School and other schools.”

Judging by the drawings, I’d say this was my freshman year of high school. You can also see that I was given a typewriter (an electric typewriter…woooo!) and I had markers and colored pencils. Ready to rock.


14 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. The success of “Happiness is…” must have impressed your benefactors. Colored pencils, markers and a typewriter would make for a great sequel.

    You are building the suspense for the first of the drawings. I cannot wait to see them.

  2. RM: Why thank you! You’d get the good blogger discount. :)

    AlienCG: First one will be tomorrow along with the Saturday Scavenger Shot contribution…or maybe I’ll post something tonight. Who knows?

    NoRegrets: That’s right! Didn’t have a computer back then, so a Brother-brand typewriter was the next best thing. Thank you!

    K_sra: Parents and dog are Switzerland, that’s right. Sadly, they were absent in my “Happiness Is” book, but not on purpose. Just dawned on me that I wrote nothing about them, but they did make me happy.

  3. yeah well, the best parents should be seen and not heard. a happy childhood is one free from wondering whether your parents and your dog make you happy or not. ignorance is bliss.

  4. I have to go home and take a picture of my kitchen, now… Oh, and I appreciated fries this week like I was supposed to, but I forgot to take a picture. Next time. : )

    Have a great weekend. Keep the AC on!!

  5. Ksra: True, I’ve never sat on a beach and pondered, “Are my parents and dog making me truly happy?” Never did that.

    Yes, go take a photo of your kitchen. I can’t believe I missed French Fry Appreciation Day. They’re my favorite side order, so favorite that they should be the whole meal.

    I will rely on the AC this weekend, definitely, and I plan to have a good weekend. Hope you do too!

  6. I think you could find someone to publish this as a series for kids just starting out in High School.. it would be awesome..I think I like the Happiness Is Series more…

  7. Ah, yes, I remember the electric typewriter and the miracle of erasable typing paper–no white outs! I see the dog gets a personal shout out. You’re writing is very legible and neat. I was still using chicken scratches at that time…

  8. Evil-E: And it can be aired on either Lifetime or the Oxygen channel!

    BabyBull: The happiness is book was more cheerful, right? :)

    Eroswings: Yes, the one I had came with correction tape. It was a pain to replace, though. I still have that typewriter come to think of it!

  9. I like the straight to the point theme as well :D! LOL at K_Sra’s response with the parents and dog on the same flag. At times, I would rather turn to my dog before my parents since a dog is way more compassionate :)!

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