Angriness Is…..(Page 1)

“Your ex-boyfriend doesn’t write back in a long time.”

I need to explain this one. Usually people are not obligated to stay in contact with their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. It’s normal to drift away. I know this now. But there was one ex-boyfriend who actually stayed in contact after we broke up. However, he was slow with responding. I didn’t realize how much more I’d hate that habit until both the blessings and horror of email arrived. I looked forward to his letters (not emails, this was old school) because, well frankly he was one of the few guys who talked to me without having an ulterior, immature motive (at least back in high school). We were both shy and awkward, but more expressive when we typed or hand wrote our letters. He thought it was nice to delay correspondence, that way we’d have more info to share. That was his theory, at least. I, on the other hand, read more into his lack of response than perhaps I should’ve. We found each other through MySpace later on and I realized he stayed true to his theory. I don’t have the patience for that anymore.

Oh and I swear I was taller than our mailbox. I also wore shoes while checking the mailbox, contrary to the drawing.


10 thoughts on “Angriness Is…..(Page 1)

  1. That is very rare indeed, keep in touch with exes. I never really keep in contact with exes. And every now and then, I write the long, occasional letter. It somehow feels more personal than the email. Still, I can understand your frustration.

  2. EX’s are just bad news for the most part. I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point where one wants to remain friends and the other doesn’t know where their heart truly is and then they tend to f@ck with your emotions. Myspace is the reunion of them all – ex flings, high school buddies, enemies, co-workers, etc… In regards to your picture above, I dig it :D – it’s cute. All your pictures are very creative like I have stated over 10 times already *lol* but they are full of emotions and very detailed which is why they are GREAT!

  3. I was going to comment on the huge mail box and how tall it was, but you cut me off at the knees.

    I think that writing letters and cards is still something that can easily be done and is way more personal than an email. I still write little letters to a certain girl I know.

  4. Silver: Thank you! I hope you have a good relationship with your friend.

    Eroswings: It does seem more personal to write out letters and cards. The ecard is a nice quick thing to send, but I prefer looking for the perfect greeting card at the store.

    AlienCG: Thanks! I wanted to get the ball rolling with the illustration part of the book.

    Renee: Thank you, I appreciate the comments about my drawings – any advice or compliment is very helpful. :)

    Evil-E: Sorry about that, I should leave that kind of thing to observers right? :)

    Greeting cards are my favorite to fill out by hand. Ecards are nice, but you know that regular greeting cards won’t freeze up the computer.

  5. Oh, whatever, Tara. You totally go out to check the mail without socks or shoes on, admit it! You Cleveland Hick! : )

    Great beginning! Shows the kind of person you are: will stay in touch with an ex-boyfriend, but won’t like waiting around for letters, dammit! HA!

  6. Ksra: You caught me, I do like to walk around without any shoes and socks wherever I go. I’ve been kicked out of wayyy too many convenient stores that way. ;) I am a Cleveland hick.

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