“I Can’t Believe Your Head Just Exploded! You Look Ridiculous.”

Those are a few quotes from “Scrubs” after one of the many times Dr. Cox frustrated JD enough to imagine his own head literally exploding. Then Dr. Cox says, “I can’t believe your head just exploded! You’re never gonna make it as a doctor if your head keeps exploding. I mean ya look ridiculous.”

Something….surreal and shocking happened yesterday. My manager is quitting. Yes. My manager, THE manager, has turned in his letter of resignation. By the end of next Friday, my new coworker and I will be sans boss. I knew this before I posted about him calling me Ms. Ego, but couldn’t quite put all thoughts into words. That memory just hit me. Since the news, I only panicked in my head once about the amount of work to do until we have a new manager. But that dissipated and I decided that I will not panic but will take it slowly. We’re both considering that this might be a grand opportunity to change things around in the department.

You need to know that I am not ecstatic about my manager leaving. Not because we’ll be very busy splitting up a third job for awhile, but even though I have vented about him in the past, I wanted to make a list. Organize my mind on the whole thing. I decided to make a “Pros and Cons” list. Here we go:

His Good Points (What I’ll Miss About the Guy):

  • His knack for taking control of the classroom with a sort of pep-talk mentality
  • His ability to make jokes in the classroom to produce some smiles and chuckles from the students
  • Introducing me to visitors as the person who holds the department together
  • Complimenting my computer skills and patience
  • Visiting my office in the morning, especially on Mondays, to discuss movies we’ve seen
  • Apologized profusely for using the “F” word (Although he shouldn’t have said it in the first place, I haven’t heard him say it since.)
  • Warm handshake (despite his habit of occasionally turning it into a hand-sandwich)
  • Schmoozes like nobody’s business
  • A restaurant enthusiast
  • Always offered assistance if I was carrying something, always offered an umbrella if it was raining outside
  • Generous

His Bad Points (What I Won’t Miss):

  • The pressure he put on me by saying that if we didn’t make certain goals, he’d be in line to get fired. I was very aware of this, but repeating it didn’t help. I wouldn’t want that job for the world.
  • Describes shy people as “catatonic”.
  • Noticing someone’s weight problem before anything else
  • Plentiful guilt trips, including, “I have to get out of here, I’ve been here since 8am and I have to see my children.” As if I was holding him back. And “I haven’t had a vacation in six years!” Not true.
  • Making light of his lack of computer skills (funny at first, not so funny later on)
  • Overusing the phrase, “He/she’s just a baby.” (And uses it for a reason to not ask them for advice or assistance and uses it as a reason they messed up on something)
  • Speaking Before Thinking (which could wrap up stuff I’ve already listed here)
  • Being vague on directions
  • Assuming almost everyone wants their shoulders rubbed when he comes around
  • Overuse of the description “sensitive flower” (used to describe people who are offended by what he says)
  • Overuse of the term “geeky” to describe someone’s appearance.

I think those two lists are fairly even. I do feel twinges of guilt now and then about being cranky with him sometimes. I know I’m not the perfect employee for him either. His salesman-type personality clashed with my not-even-close-to-sales person-type personality. I’m happy for him that he’ll have a new job, though, as opposed to not having anything to fall back on. I think his new job will allow him to do what he does best, which is pitch to all sorts of customers about various things. So I do wish him luck.

Okay, onto other matters!

– My apartment looks like it was hit by a tornado. I’m in an organizational mood if seeing those two lists above aren’t proof enough. It’s a mood that has not gone away all week. Usually it fades in a day, sometimes just within an hour. Not this time. But to start the organization process, I must sort things out. So I brought out my trusty ladder and cleared off both large shelves in my coat closet and started from scratch. Then I started thinking…”I wonder if I should sort through my video/DVD library and find stuff to give away? Then I’d have more room in that closet as well! Hmmm!” One thought welcomed another and another until I decided that my weekend would be the Organization Marathon. I’m not gonna overdo it, but I think it’ll be fun. My car is in for a good sorting out as well. Ack! My head just exploded.


11 thoughts on ““I Can’t Believe Your Head Just Exploded! You Look Ridiculous.”

  1. I’m both glad and sorry to hear about your manager leaving. While he has both good and bad points (as everybody does), he was broken in and you sort of knew what to expect. I will be tough to get used to another manager.

    Let me know whatcha got after the Organization Marathon.

  2. You’re right. Change is opportunity. It’s the time to try something new, be it at work or at home. You boss made his choice, and you have some to make in your place. It’s a chance for growth and for something new, possibly fun. Have a great weekend!

  3. Your manager was laying a lot of his work on you anyway…so you know it, you’ve done it, and you can probably handle it. I would say its probably a good thing he is going elsewhere based on what has been posted pertaining to him.

  4. AlienCG: This happened to me when I first started and was unaware at first that my manager at that time was getting ready to leave. She stayed a little longer until after graduation so that she wouldn’t leave me in the dust. Then I was all by myself for a few weeks before my manager now (soon to be ex-manager) could be trained.

    Eroswings: Very true! Thanks you have a great weekend yourself!

    Evil-E: Yeah, there will be more work than usual, but I know we’ll both be able to handle it.

  5. seriously, tara, you’re head just exploded. you look… ridiculous! :P

    I’ve had organization tornados. Orginados? Orginamis? Orginaccanes? Whatever. I like to ride them into the gulf of mexico and leave a shiny organized wake of un-destruction behind me. Only problem is, when my house looks like a tornado hit it (right now) and I have no tsunami to ride. : (

    You wanna come over and help me?

  6. Ksra: I’d be happy to help you clean up after your organiccane. Much better than that one organization did with Katrina. Let me clean up after my aftermath first, so that Skittles has a path to her food dish. ;)

  7. Yer head just exploded and it looks ridiculous.. Lol.. Very funny.. Sorry to hear about the boss.. Although just think of the endless possibilities when you do get a new boss.. You could post about them.. something diffrent for you..
    Hope the organizational thing gets straightened out.. lol..

  8. Churlita: Thanks, I hope so too.

    BabyBull: It should be interesting when our new boss gets hired. Our school’s director wants to make sure he gets someone perfect for the job.

  9. Love the quote by the way. I think getting a new boss has pros/cons like you listed. Hope you like your new boss though, :)

    Don’t you just love organizing, haha. You slowly start with a system to organize everything, and by the time we have one. We don’t feel like organizing anymore, haha.

  10. A: That was a good episode. That show has some great lines in it!
    Very true about organizing. When I was surrounded by the stuff I was meaning to organize, I almost lost motivation. But I had to clear off my bed to sleep, so I just kept at it. :D

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