Happiness is….(Part 11 – Final Pages)

“Happiness is the end of a long, boring book.”

I could relate to this back in school when the teachers made us read certain textbooks. Otherwise, why read an entire book if you can’t get into it? Exceptions included anthology books from English courses, and the textbooks in college psychology. Good stuff.

“The End”

Or is it?


13 thoughts on “Happiness is….(Part 11 – Final Pages)

  1. Happiness is not, however, the end of Tara’s “Happiness is…” book. It quite a moving tale of…uhhh…happiness. What a nice look into the mind of Tara.

  2. I really will miss this series.. if you come across more of these tales be sure to post for all to see.. Sadness Is…. Not seeing anymore Happiness Is Cartoons…

  3. Churlita: Thanks, I’m glad you loved it! I’ll see whatelse I can post! :)

    AlienCG: Thank you! Happiness is that a book on happiness is technically never finished. Maybe there should be a sequel to it.

    Babybull: Aw, I will most certainly post more!

    K_sra: My “angriness is” book isn’t extremely gloomy, so maybe we can all save the money we’d use for therapy and use the cash for a vacation. Good deal?

    Manuel: I don’t think I ever used that shortcut. Would’ve made things better, perhaps.

    Tim: Welcome back, I hope you’re 100% up and running! And thank you, I’m glad you like the new look! I really like it too.

  4. You know, I was usually just relieved to finish those assigned reading books that bore the hell outta me. But I got pissed off when it’s the end of book that I picked up for extra credit, only to find it boring, too long, and just awful…

    The ‘happiness is’ series was great! Did you ever think when you wrote this that you’d be sharing it with people all over the world? It’s fantastic.

  5. Eroswings: Yes, there was a sense of relief when the required reading is finished! And thanks! I had no idea I’d later learn about this whole blogging idea so that I could post my memories up. Yay for the internet!

    Evil-E: Thank you for reading about what made me happy as a “yute”.

  6. Ah yes, I hated that as well – when it came to reading those big ass text books! Back in 3rd and 4th grade, I remember having “quiet reading time” and that was pure tortue. To this day, I’m not a fan of reading but I do enjoy magazines or blogs with pictures :).

  7. Renee: Ew, I hated mandatory, quiet reading time. Felt like we were being punished. Lol. Glad you enjoy blog pictures, though!

    A: I’m so glad you liked it, thank you! While cleaning stuff out this weekend, I actually found another book I started to make called “Anxiety is”, but it was more of a good anxiety. I typed all the pages but didn’t finish illustrating each one. Maybe that could be a good project for me!

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