Happiness is….(Part 10)

“Happiness is finding out the little kids you babysit are content.”

Different happiness, same kids. It was very nice when they were content with playing, while I could sit back and admire the guys next door who were playing basketball. It looks like I’m daydreaming in that illustration, which is rather fitting for today’s Eclectic holiday “Daydream Day”! Hope you all have some nice daydreams today.

Well tomorrow will be a wrap-up of “Happiness is”, but if you like these drawings, I’ve got more to post, including the “Angriness is…Part 2” series. Thank you for all the awesome comments about them!


11 thoughts on “Happiness is….(Part 10)

  1. I used to babysit a lot of my nieces and nephews back when I was in school…just kept them busy, let ’em run off all that excess energy, then feed ’em and wait for ’em to pass out.

    I have a hard time believing that they’re almost adults now…still apply the same technique when they visit, though.

  2. Churlita: It was definitely important, I wish they had shown up everyday.

    AlienCG: There’s a certain peacefulness when the kids are quietly playing amongst themselves. Like cats who stop staring to take a nap.

    IDV: Thank you! :)

    Babybull: It was made even better when one smiled and greeted me. Made my little ole, easily amused day.

    Eroswings: That always sounds like a good plan! Then by the time their parents get there, they are well rested and ready to give them hell while they leave you in peace. Muah ha ha.

    Manuel: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed them! Stay tuned for more. The last babysitting gig was back in college and I was watching three little boys: two nephews and one neighbor kid. Had to yell at them for chasing my cat around with a chain, and my youngest nephew was not quite through his potty training phase. But aside from that, we had a fun.

    Evil-E: Oh I know..a tropical drink would’ve hit the spot then, but I may have settled for Kool-Aid.

  3. I love that you are a sensible enough person to have kept these great things all these years. I used to have those “Love Is” cartoon books with the little naked Kewpie doll people. Thanks for posting these. They are wonderful.

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