“Miss Ego?? Seriously??”

My manager came in one day and heard me listening to some music from my choir. Once he found out it was my choir, he called me “Miss Ego”. Never forgot that name.

I am proud of how our choir sounds when I hear our concerts on tape. It certainly doesn’t mean that I’ve got the right to parade up and down and all around any street and say we’re the best. We’re certainly not. We have plenty o’flaws. But after all our practicing, we do sound good on tape. That’s why I buy a copy of our concert CDs every season. Does that make me “Ms. Ego”? No. Just makes me “Ms. Proud Concert Singer”.


13 thoughts on ““Miss Ego?? Seriously??”

  1. You should’ve thrown a phone at him. Then he’d call you Ms Diva. If the choir sounds good, there’s nothing wrong with listening to it. And if you’re in that choir, then it’s all good.

    Some people are just jealous of talent.

  2. Your manager is a dill weed….

    There is nothing wrong with admiring your own work…writers do it, artists do it, hell all of Hollywood does it by hosting awards ceremonies to pat each other on the back. You are more than allowed to be proud of your own handiwork. Ask your manager if he has ever been proud of something he’s done.

  3. I sat back for more than four years and admired my own on my web site. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with ego either. It’s necessary for self-confidence. Eroswings has the right idea, throw the phone at your manager.

  4. RM: Hey, Happy Birthday! And thank you! I have posted a few samples up on here, but maybe I’ll try again only different. It was frustrating to figure out how to post the songs.

    Eroswings: He was conveniently standing out of shot of the phone. Course I did have my cellphone with me, I could’ve thrown that at him! Thank you! :)

    Evil-E: I like that name. Hehe. My manager should understand being proud of of a project, but he speaks before he thinks. Very bad habit.

    AlienCG: Thank you, that’s true. And yeah, I should’ve thrown a phone at him. I did tell him at the time that I was proud of our choir, and he tried to recover by saying, “As well you should be.” Whatevah.

    Suze: Thank you, I will! :)

  5. He’s probably jealous.. he is an ass.. You guys rock.. So don’t let someone like that bring you down..Maybe post about your choir and maybe a song or two..K?

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