Happiness is…..(Part 9)

“Happiness is knowing that the little kids you babysit like you a lot.”

I had some babysitting gigs back in the day. Frankly, I preferred pet sitting, but hey both kinds of sitting brought in the money. The kids in the picture there were from the house directly across the street from ours. Most of the time they were low maintenance. The little boy and I would build stuff with his Lego’s while the little girl let me play with her Barbies. Fun times! They moved a few years later. I have no idea where they are now. Oh and they had an orange tabby cat named Pumpkin. That I do know.


10 thoughts on “Happiness is…..(Part 9)

  1. Had I written that “happiness is” it would have went something like
    happiness is knowing that the little kids you baby sit (are secured to a chair)
    (gagged) (sedated) (mutes) (playing in traffic)

  2. Happiness is knowing the kids you babysit will be going away when the parents get home. Another very nice picture from the Happiness phase of Tara’s career.

  3. It’s nice when you can have fond memories like that.. I don’t babysitting or petsitting.. I think babybsitting is more my thing though..Either way you still have to clean up after babies or pets…

  4. Evil-E: So I gather you don’t get many babysitting gigs anymore? ;)

    Laura B: It wasn’t my favorite job, but it helped greatly when the kids played nice.

    AlienCG: Yeah, that’s where the happiness really comes in – when I hear that car in the driveway and the key in the door. In come the parents and I get to go home. :)

    BabyBull: Cleaning up after the pets wasn’t horrible, they were trained to go out in the backyard. The main thing I remember is the nasty smell of the BilJac dogfood they bought for the dogs that had to be stored in the fridge. Stunk to high heaven.

  5. Churlita: That’s great that your daughters are so good with kids! Makes it more enjoyable for both the kids and them, I’m sure.

    NoRegrets: Eh, yeah, I don’t need to know. I saw the little kid I babysat while I was in college, and he’s 17 now. Yikes!

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