Happiness Is….(Part 8)

“Happiness is an A+.”

This was definitely not written in college, as leaving high school teachings and going straight to college level was a shock to my brain. I got more bad grades in college than I ever did in grade, junior or high school. I straightened out later on, though. Anyway, getting a better grade than the bullies in school was definitely worth writing about.

I was confused about this picture until just a few moments ago. I thought I had drawn a picture of my first social studies teacher in high school, but since he didn’t have breasts and the teacher in this drawing does, it must be the teacher I had in junior high. Looks like breasts were easy for me to draw back then. My character doesn’t seem to have any breasts, but hey I got an A+ on my test so I didn’t need any at that particular moment.


10 thoughts on “Happiness Is….(Part 8)

  1. Ksra: Not as easy as a choice as “Cake or death”, right? ;)

    Evil-E: I don’t know of anyone who has ever said, “Yay, I got an ‘F’ on my exam! Yuss!” There might be some out there, though, ya never know.

  2. The A+ is always a good thing. I was a bit the opposite of you in school. I didn’t do real good in Grade, Junior or High School, but I did very well in college. I see you’ve gotten caught up in the winds of change sweeping over the bloggers.

  3. Ksra: That’s right. :)

    NoRegrets: Yup, I wish I could change around my apartment as fast as that. Just needs a new template. ;)

    AlienCG: I wasn’t really planning on changing anything today, but started to look at the different WordPress designs and figured my page was due for a little makeover.

  4. Manuel: I had an academic scholarship, but that was very, very temporary. Oh well. I’ve got my degree.

    BabyBull: If I was on my own in class, I was able to concentrate better. But if my friend took a class with me, I didn’t do so well. I’ll just blame my friend. Sound good? ;)

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