Dance to the Music (Filming it is Optional)

Here’s a video montage of clumsy and funny people dancing. I love “America’s Funniest Videos” for this main reason. Just finding this video and playing it brought out my wheezing, body shaking laughter. You all deserve a good laugh, so I hope this amuses you as much as it did for me!

Oh and of course there’s this video of us practicing Indian dance moves for the wedding last month.

If I have the courage, maybe I’ll make a dance video tonight. For the sake of Dance to the Music Day.


13 thoughts on “Dance to the Music (Filming it is Optional)

  1. Churlita: Heh..Oops, sorry about that. It’s hilarious, though, isn’t it?

    Evil-E: Yeah, probably a video not safe for work if you laugh hysterically at that kind of thing. :D

  2. Evil-E: Yeah, I figured a change for me would be nice as well. I had a hard time deciding which design to use, though.

    Laura B: Thanks! Oh stay tuned, I’ve got somethin. Muah ha ha ha.

    AlienCG: No problem. I’ll make up for the non-dancers.

    Suze: Thank you, this olive green is growing on me (not literally), I like it too. Glad to be the supplier of laughs for today. :)

  3. The first vid is funny… I love the second one.. Now everyone move one hip…jump up ,then down and touch yer toes ..Reach up and touch the sky…… lol.. Love it Great Stuff!

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