“The Dark Knight” – A Wonderfully Exhausting Movie

I went to see “The Dark Knight” with my mom yesterday, and I really liked it. I’m glad I got to see it on the big screen. Plus, I got to see a preview of the new James Bond movie, so things started off on the right foot.

Since the movie was released, I’m sure everyone has heard how great Heath Ledger’s performance was as the Joker, and I have to say that…well…it’s true! He was totally awesome! So tragic that a talent like that was lost so early, and yet I felt more joy than sadness whenever he entered the scene. I looked forward to seeing him again throughout the movie. He made the dark humor of the movie work really well.

I also really liked Gary Oldman’s performance as Lt. Gordon. It’s amazing to think that he played Prince Vlad/Dracula in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”. Can’t leave out the awesomeness of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. I loved that those two were back. Then there was Rachel, the love interest of both Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. She’s the older sister of Jake Gyllenhaal who played in “Brokeback Mountain” with Heath Ledger. Oh and I was surprised to see Anthony Michael Hall in the movie as well, who I’ll always remember as Brian from “The Breakfast Club”. Anyway, lots of great performances.

Yes, there were some scenes where I could’ve gotten up to do stuff and not missed anything, but sometimes that happens in a lengthy action movie. Lots of tension, though. I actually covered my eyes during one part that involved The Joker explaining to a thug how he got the scars on his face (at least the first version of his story). I knew something really bad was about to happen, so I couldn’t quite watch with confidence, and that is not like me. That’s one of the many reasons why I enjoyed the movie. The shock, the tension – it was exhausting but in a very good way.

Oh and I am so not a reader of comic books, but when I saw the first trailer for “The Dark Knight” and they introduced the character Harvey Dent, the name sounded vaguely familiar. I then realized what that character would become and was very impressed with the effects.

Anyway, awesome movie. On Friday after work, I bought Batman-themed “Fruit Roll-ups” just because they were fun and it’s an easy snack, but didn’t realize we’d actually see the movie this weekend. So now it’s all a theme.


11 thoughts on ““The Dark Knight” – A Wonderfully Exhausting Movie

  1. I saw awhile ago and thought it was a really good movie.. I think Christian Bale has really brought out the darker side of the “Batman” character. Excellent review BTW.. As for Heath ledger’s part was extremely well done.. I think if he hadn’t died he would have a been a contender for an Oscar.. And still even might…

  2. I have yet to see it and will probably end up waiting for DVD release. Gary Oldman also played in “True Romance” and “Sid and Nancy”..he is one of those actors I happen to like.

  3. Thanks for the review – sounds worth checking out. At first I wanted to see it based on Heath Ledger’s performance but when I read on imdb.com and then you mentioned it as well that Anthony Michael Hall is in it, DOUBLE points there! I loved him back in his youngin’ years :)! And yes, Hollywood lost a wondeful actor – far too young to leave so soon but Ledger’s performance will last for decades!

    And cool box of Fruit Roll*Ups :)! I’ve always been a sucker for buying things with movie scenes or something brand spankin’ fresh on the cover/packaging – then you’ll know it’s FRESH. Now if you find those same fruit-roll*ups 5 years later in the store, then I would stick with the original packaging.

  4. BabyBull: I’m glad you liked it too! Yeah, Christian Bale is definitely darker as Batman. His Batman voice was intense too, and it totally changed when he’d take off the gear.

    Evil-E: Oldman makes his way into some interesting movies. I haven’t seen “Sid and Nancy” yet. “The Fifth Element” was unusual too.

    AlienCG: Someone at work said the dark comedy is ridiculous, but that kind of comedy isn’t for everyone. I liked it.

    FW: Hi! It was a good film, I hope you do get to see it at the theaters. If you miss it there, though, definitely catch it on DVD.

    Churlita: You could always rent it when it comes out. I hope you do manage to see it eventually, though.

    Renee: Definitely wasn’t expecting Anthony Michael Hall to be in that movie. He didn’t play a huge, huge part, but he had a few lines throughout the movie.

    And yeah, those Fruit Roll-ups are good! They stick to the teeth, but they’re tasty.

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