Happiness Is….(Part 7)

“Happiness is the last day of school.”

Why my dog was with me while leaving school, I don’t know. But there she is, enjoying the free-for-all atmosphere. I’m spraying shaving cream at my friends. One of them is about to fire up his can of shaving cream while my other friend, Tammy, is sending her books to Mars via helium balloon. It could totally happen.


6 thoughts on “Happiness Is….(Part 7)

  1. This is an excellent picture. Unfortunately, there’s just one problem with floating two heavy text books on one helium balloon. She may need a few more to just get it to neutral b….bah, it could totally happen.

  2. All your drawings are very creative :) and has alot of detail in them which is cool! I like the pic of your dog and the whole spraying the shaving cream at your friend. Ahhhhhh – the last day of school was the best feeling ever!!!

  3. Evil-E: Yup, one post after another with me, especially on Friday I think. There will be more since I came across the folder of drawings, so stay tuned! I’m so glad you enjoy the drawings!

    Churlita: I was wondering about when school started. It varies. I hope your daughters have a good first day of school without any unnecessary stress. Wishing you a stress-free day as well!

    AlienCG: Anything is possible in Illustration Land! :)

    Renee: Thank ya! I wish I could remember everything that went on during the last day of school. I do remember the teachers having us all clean out our desks. That was fun, actually.

    BabyBull: Definitely. I remember running into a few classmates I couldn’t recognize because they were just covered in shaving cream. They smelled nice, too!

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