Happiness Is….(Part 6)

“Happiness is a thick quilt on a cold night.”

I don’t think I need to elaborate too much on this one. There really is nothing like cocooning yourself in a thick, comfy quilt on a crisp, cold night. It doesn’t look like I’m covered up correctly, though. My feet are sticking out on the other side and my arms are still exposed. They’ll get chilly in no time if I don’t cocoon myself properly!


9 thoughts on “Happiness Is….(Part 6)

  1. How right you are. I love a good chilly night for sleeping. I have often said that the perfect 24-hour period would be about 80 deg. during the day and about 35 deg. at night. I like the flat, sleeping animal that is laying behind you.

  2. I’ve loved reading your “Happiness Is” series … you should really bind that together and make it an actual book. It’s interesting to see the simple ideas we all have when we’re kids.

  3. AlienCG: That would be a nice temperature mix. I hate when it’s so hot at night. And thanks about the drawing, that flat, sleeping animal was mah puppy. :D

    Evil-E: Yes, it has been nice. A few nights I was actually able to turn off the fan in my room!

    BabyBull: Thanks! I love a big, fluffy comforter.

    A: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the series!

    Tim: It’s one of the things I look forward to when Autumn comes. Colder, windy nights so that the comforters and quilts can be used to the fullest!

  4. Churlita: It makes me nervous to have my feet or legs out in the open. A lasting effect from watching a really creepy ghost story on TV.

    Renee: Oh yeah, if it’s too cold and you don’t have ENOUGH blankets on, you can wake up with the chills. Been there, done that.

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