Happiness Is….(Part 5)

“Happiness is a good boyfriend.”

This one made me laugh, because of how much I emphasized “good”. This may have been the time of Greg the playa, so my next wish for a boyfriend would have to be more specific. Those two, scowling girls in the background were Missy and Sierra. They did not like me back then and believe me, the sentiments were mutual. I think the guy in the picture may have been J, the good but fleeting boyfriend. It didn’t last long, but we remained friends for awhile.


I knew I had my box of writing and illustrations somewhere, so I went on the hunt the other night. Didn’t have to look long or far. It’s a heavy box. Inside were four, bulging folders. The third folder down had New Kids on the Block on the front. Yes, I used to like em. Anyway, that folder was filled with my drawings. I also found another book I made based on the “Happiness is” theme, only I went to the opposite side of the spectrum and called the book “Angriness is…” It’s actually part 2, but I couldn’t find part one. It’s probably around somewhere. Anyway, stay tuned for excerpts from that book as well. I was so pleased to find all those drawings, though. I enjoyed going through all of them and will probably post a few on here for a laugh.


8 thoughts on “Happiness Is….(Part 5)

  1. here we see more works from the “happiness is” period of Tara’s art career…this was a period in her life where there was hope and optimism..
    It can be compared to Picasso’s “rose period”….

  2. Yes, the hallmark of a “good” boyfriend is not usually a chorus of angry glares from other women, but I guess middle school can be a complicated place. :P

    Speaking of, I thought those girls were frowning because they really wanted “good” boyfreinds themselves, but then I read on and learned that the frowns were owing to a personal vendetta they had against Tara and that the boyfriend was kind of secondary to the initial cause of their frowning (insult to injury, if you will).

    Glad that’s all cleared up!

    p.s. Lerve your drawinks!

  3. I like the underlined GOOD. This is an interesting look into the mind of the Tara. I’m glad you found the other stuff, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Abroad: Maybe if I get desperate, I’ll cross out the good, but until then, yeah. I want a good boyfriend. ;) Thank you for the link about Birbigs! I’ll play it at home for a good laugh. :)

    Evil-E: I’ll invite all of you to my exhibit and serve appetizers and champagne. :D

    Churlita: Thanks! It is good to be specific, isn’t it?

    Ksra: I think I put the glaring girls in there to make them look like they were jealous. That was always my plan all along. Muah ha ha.

    Ksra2: Yes, I felt sheer happiness when I opened up that folder and found my favorite drawings. I loved going through them and letting the memories come rushing back at warp speed. ;)

    AlienCG: I will post something tonight, because I don’t want to bring in the weekend with my venting post which I am over now. I’ll post something cheerful.

    Laura B: Don’t we all? We deserve good ones rather than bad. I’ll post the “Angriness is” book pretty soon.

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