“Take [Us] Out to the Balllllgame…..”

My super awesome best friend Ksra won some tickets to Tuesday night’s baseball game: Indians vs. Oreo Cookies…er…rather Baltimore Orioles. Yeah, that’s it. Oh and when I hear the name Baltimore, the first thing that always pops into my mind is a quote from “Silence of the Lambs” when the senator is talking to Hannibal Lecter and he insults her and she hisses, “Take this thing back to Baltimore.” Never fails, I always think of that quote, and sometimes I say it to myself out loud.

Okay, so the first thing we did before going to the game was meet up at her sister’s place (El Fid) for an utterly delicious meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn supper. We even managed to quarantine a nasty bee that broke in on the party. Sorry, bees aren’t invited.

Onward to Progressive Field! Once there, the smell of stadium food teased my senses. Surely I couldn’t still be hungry after eating a meal a short while ago. And yet I was. Screw my diet. I had to have a beef hotdog with stadium mustard. I also ordered waffle fries and to even out everything we ordered a bottle of water. Ksra bought a lemon smoothie. Later on during the game we split a beer, too.

We found our seats, enjoyed most of the game and then left after singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. We then continued to stretch our legs by walking back to the parking garage. Right by my friend’s car, on a pillar, was graffiti. I immediately had to take a photo of it for Evil-E.

It was such a fun night! Thanks Ksra! Here are some photos:

Superfans 2

We were geared up to support The Tribe.

The Pitch

I actually caught a pitch in motion here. Don’t know who was up at bat, I just know it was someone from our team.

Stadium Hot Dog with Stadium Mustard

Hot diggity-dog. I took a bite of it before I realized I should take a photo of an authentic, stadium treat. So there it is.


Here’s a shot gone awry – we were trying for a photo together and well…we got one! So it technically didn’t go that awry. Observe our eyeballs. That reminds me, I need to pluck my eyebrows.


12 thoughts on ““Take [Us] Out to the Balllllgame…..”

  1. once the hot dog flavored wind hits you it is pointless to resist…you must give in

    Great photo of the pitch. I believe it is Ben Francisco at bat. I recognize the batting stance.

    I look forward to seeing this photo and I will, of course, post it and give credit as always. thanks field reporter Tara.

  2. Churlita: Thank you! Yeah, the food there is pricey, just like fair food, but so worth it.

    Evil-E: So true about the hotdog-scented wind. I am powerless against it. And I was happy to find some more graffiti for your collection.

    Tim: Thanks, we did have a great time! The hotdog tasted heavenly.

    Laura B: Thanks, we were all geared up in our T-shirts and stuff. Nobody could accuse us of not supportin’ the team….except my mom who is a much bigger sports fan than I am. ;)

    Abroad: Hi! Yup, we had a great time. There are interesting people to watch at those games, too.

    Manuel: Good know know you support the stadium food at least. :)

    Eroswings: Thank you! I didn’t realize I had caught the pitch in mid air like that until I looked through the photos on my computer later on. I like the stance of the pitcher.

    T-Bird: Go out and get a hotdog with some good toppings! It’s Friday, time to celebrate!

    Nicotine: They won the night we were there, I think we were good luck to them. >:D

  3. huh. The name “Baltimore” always reminds me of the Browns. I guess that means I am a real Cleveland girl.

    Thanks for the recap and I only have one thing to add, “we are the mysterious awesome best friends… look deep into our eyes!”

  4. Ksra: Oh yeah, as in “Baltimore Ravens”..I get it now. Quoth the Baltimore Ravens…”nevermore”.

    That’s right, “We are the mysterious awesome best friends…Look deep into our eyes…you are getting sleepy…Now give us all of your money…”

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