Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Space”

Mistah DMarks chose this week’s word to be “Space”.

Here is a vintage photo of the first time we traveled to Sedona, Arizona. This is the inside of a beautiful chapel called “Chapel of the Holy Cross”. It appears to be built out of a rocky hill. This is the inside, and it provides space to worship!

And that’s about it! BTW, my internet is workin’ again! Yay!


9 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Space”

  1. Is that a Tarzan figure hanging on the bulletin board?

    I luv the chapel pic. I visited Sedona for a few hours years ago; only found horrendously overpriced crappy art but the arts&crafts village/hacienda was nice! I wanted to see the chapel and the red rocks, but my friends only wanted to shop…the capitalist heathens!

  2. Evil-E: I usually forget my camera, but this time my memory was working for me. Unlike today when I poured myself a thermos of coffee and left it on my kitchen counter instead of taking it to work.

    Manuel: Thanks! Yes, I would like to do that to a few pieces of office equipment.

    Eroswings: Yes sir, that is a Tarzan action figure swinging from push-pin to push-pin on my bulletin board.

    That’s a shame you couldn’t visit the chapel. I love touristy gift shops, and the first time we went out there I bought a magnet with a picture of the chapel on it, and a postcard.

  3. Churlita: Thanks! I like my Tarzan figure too. Found him at a city garage sale.

    Laura B: Thanks, he was so funny. He even commented on that photo on Flickr and wrote that it was our prom photo. :D

  4. Oh, now I just want to get on that picture board! (it’s important to have goals in life… :)

    Oh, and btw, bring a camera tonight if you have one. yay, indians!


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