“Ah, August. It’s Absolutely Charming, Really!”

Hey peeps! August is here…er…well it will be on Friday. But the August calendar is here! Thank you again for all of the suggestions! I used em all, of course! The title quote is from the movie “Ever After”. The baroness was addressing her new husband named August after she stepped out of her carriage and looked at her new home, a castle. “Ah, August (she pronounced it Augoost). It’s absolutely charming, really!” Can you tell I like that movie?

Anyway, let’s move on, shall we? Here are the holidays for Augoost.

1. August Needs a Holiday Day

2. Sharpen Your Pencils Day

3. Blog About Someone You Met Recently Day

4. LB’s Kick Back Dude’s 23rd Birthday!/Popsicle Appreciation WEEK!

5. Useless Appliance Day (Get Rid of Something You Never Use)

6. Home Grown Herbs Day

7. Write a Song Day (Lyrics and/or Music)

8. Pimp (aka Promote) a Fellow Blogger Day

9. Sunscreen Appreciation Day

10. LB’s Love Bug’s 1st Birthday!/BabyBull’s BHM’s 51st Birthday

11. Hey Day

12. Sloppy Joes Day

13. Comic Book Hero Day/Left-Handers Day

14. Snapshot With Yer Camera Phone Or Camera Day And Post The Pictures

15. Raid Day… Kill Bugs Dead

16. K_sra’s Birthday!/Elvis Memorial Day

17. Post It Note Appreciation Day

18. Dance to the Music (Filming it is Optional)

19. French Fry Appreciation Day (Potato Day)

20. Daydream Day

21. RM’s Birthday!/”Know When to Hold Em, Know When to Fold Em” Day (Kenny Rogers’s Birthday, 1938)

22. Take a Photo of Your Kitchen Day

23. Toast Appreciation Day

24. Wave Your “Freak Flag” Day

25. Althea Gibson’s Birthday – 1927 (First Black Woman to Win Wimbledon)

26. Blank Day (Create Your Own Holiday)

27. Peter Stormare’s Birthday (1953)

28. Start Making Your Christmas/Holiday Shopping List Today

29. Blame Everything on The One-Armed Man Day (“The Fugitive” TV Series – Final Episode Aired August 29, 1967)

30. Organize Something in Your Home Day

31. Van Morrison’s Birthday (1945)

Astrological Signs:

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Virgo – August 23rd – September 22nd


Jade, Peridot


Gladiolus means “splendid beauty”

I took this photo at Perkins Beach, a little beach off of Edgewater Beach in Lakewood, Ohio a few years ago. The sand, rocks, trees and water (and fog) were just asking for a photo opportunity.

18 thoughts on ““Ah, August. It’s Absolutely Charming, Really!”

  1. The pic looks hauntingly beautiful. I luv Ever After! The retelling of the Cinderella story was awesome; as was Anjelica Houston. It made me appreciate Drew’s acting so much more. Her acting certainly got better since her Poison Ivy days.

    The calendar looks great. Everyday is daydream day for me :)

  2. Evil-E: Good pun!

    Eroswings: Thanks, I’m glad you like the photo, and I’m glad you enjoyed “Ever After”. I watched it for Dougray Scott (Prince Henry), but it’s a great romance and very quotable.

  3. awww, I saw that picture and instantly knew where it was taken. :*( single tear.

    thanks for the great holiday list. look forward to the thirtieth when I can finally organize something. Hope they serve sloppy joes at the ballpark! :P

  4. Ksra: Yes, you can’t organize until that day. No earlier, no later. Until then, be as disorganized as you want. I’m sure Jacob’s Fie…er…Progressive Field serves sloppy joe’s in one form or another. It’s a ballpark, food is supposed to be sloppy and good.

    Laura B: Thank you Laura! Once again, couldn’t have done it without all of your suggestions!

    BabyBull: Yes you do! It’s gonna be a fun month.

  5. Abroad: Or hopefully the weekend will have nice weather for barbecuing.

    Manuel: Of course! That would just be insane. ;) There should be a Marvel VS DC Day. Maybe in September?

    RM: Hi! Okay, I will add it! Thanks and welcome back!

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