I Miss the Comics

When I was younger, I looked forward to the Sunday comics every weekend. Several of the comic strips were my favorites and I could actually laugh out loud reading some of them. My favorites were; “Calvin & Hobbes”, “For Better or For Worse”, “Crankshaft”, “Foxtrot”, “Dilbert”, “Funky Winkerbean” and sometimes “B.C.”.

Then something happened…”Calvin & Hobbes” didn’t appear anymore and some of the comic strips became very serious. Especially “Funky Winkerbean” where the wife of one character got breast cancer. It was a powerful, important subject and it took guts to make it into a subject in a comic strip, but when the wife died, I didn’t want to read it again. Not out of boredom, but I felt depressed about it.

Now I’m down to a few of the staples like “Dilbert” (which I can usually relate to), “Frazz”, “For Better or For Worse” and “Sally Forth”. Sometimes I’ll read “Flo” which is a comic strip about senior citizens, and sometimes that one is funny.

Course I think our sense of humor changes as we get older, but I still miss “Calvin & Hobbes”. I have some of his books that came out, but it’s not quite the same. I also have “For Better or for Worse” and “Dilbert” books.

If you read comic strips in the paper, which ones are your favorites?

18 thoughts on “I Miss the Comics

  1. I’ve always liked Garfield, but I love Peanuts. It’s got a brilliant atmosphere – Charlie Brown goes through so much, but he always perseveres. And what needs to be said about Snoopy…?

    I also love Calvin and Hobbes!

  2. Don’t really read the comics except for the weird one panel ones, a la, the Far Side and stuff, but today, our comics were printed in color for the first time. Always been in b&w except for Sunday comics.

  3. I used to read them all the time. Now I just go to that section for the crossword and sudoku. I agree that some of the comic strips lost a lot of the “comic” aspect and went all “Rosanne” being all serious.

  4. I use to read the Sunday comics too.. Loved Calvin and Hobbes.. In fact.. MPR told me recenty that Mr.G reminded her of Calvin.. I had always thought that comic characters would live forever..I wouldn’t want to read about one where they are dying…great post…

  5. Laura B: The Far Side is funny, my brothers used to get the books for Christmas and we all had fun looking through the pages.

    NJ: No, I don’t think LuAnn is in our papers. Frazz is a cute comic, some of the drawings remind me a bit of Calvin & Hobbes.

    Tim: Snoopy just goes with the flow. It seems like Calvin & Hobbes was all over the place, which is nice. Of all the comics, that one needs to be shared.

    I’ve always liked Garfield, but I love Peanuts. It’s got a brilliant atmosphere – Charlie Brown goes through so much, but he always perseveres. And what needs to be said about Snoopy…?

    T-Bird: I’m glad you had Calvin & Hobbes too! It’s just getting harder and harder for me to want to read the Sunday comics.

    AlienCG: Haven’t heard of “Speed Bump”!

    Manuel: Wow, they just now made them color? I think that the comics during the week are black and white. Or maybe I just don’t notice the color that much until the Sunday ads.

    Evil-E: Yeah, “Roseanne” was ruined too, by serious stuff, wasn’t it? It’s sad.

    DMarks: I didn’t start following Sally Forth until about three years ago, I think.

    Eroswings: Family Circle is cute, but I rarely read it anymore, I forget about it.

    BabyBull: Aww, Mr. Giggles as a Calvin! I like that! You should find him a stuffed animal toy that looks like Hobbes and then take a picture of them both.

  6. I don’t get a paper these days but used to love “For Better or For Worse” and Calvin and Hobbes was my fav.
    I was very sad when it was not being written anymore!
    I liked Foxtrot too..
    I also loved the Far side; that guy was brilliant!

  7. Call me old fashioned but I find Ziggy to be the most funny comic strip out there. If you’re looking for something different, try “Lio.” It is about this little kid whon is pals with the monsters under his bed. If anything else, it is original.

  8. Merri: Hi, thanks for commenting! I miss Foxtrot, I think it’s another comic book I’ll have to buy next time I’m at Borders.

    ClearThinker: I’ve never heard of “Lio”, not sure if we have it here. “Ziggy” has some cute comics sometimes.

  9. I like For Better or For Worse, but I kind of get confused as it’s a comic that you kind of have to read everyday to follow the story line.

    I like Garfield and the Peanuts. I like Cathy when I happen to see it, though, it can get a bit old at times.

    I like Calvin and Hobbes now, but when I was younger a lot of it went over my head-being that I now have a minimal understanding of Philosophy it makes a lot more sense.

  10. Abroad: Far Side was definitely popular. I think I had a few calendars from that guy too.

    Silver: You’re right, you do have to follow “For Better or For Worse” almost everyday to get some of their story lines.

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