August is Comin Back ‘Round These Parts

Hey everybody, if you have some holiday ideas for the month of August, or if there are any birthdays you want mentioned on here just c’mon over and leave them in the comments section! Here are some past ideas from contributors to get your brain gears turning:

Gaze into a Subatomic Particle Day
Kiddie Pool Appreciation Day
What’s in My iPod Day
Double Knot Your Shoe Ties/Laces Day
Give a Box of Things to Goodwill Day

Thanks to all of you who have contributed in the past and thank you in advance for new people who’d like to play!

7 thoughts on “August is Comin Back ‘Round These Parts

  1. Me Day! Hurrah! : )

    Speaking of, are we gonna have a little birthday get together? I think we should arrange it. MST3K for all! : )

    Sharpen Your Pencils Day
    Home Grown Herbs Day
    Useless Applicance Day (as in, get rid of something you never use)
    Popsicle Appreciation WEEK!

  2. Yes, let’s have a Super Terrific Sarah Birthday Movie Night Extravaganza! Oo, and your birthday lands on a Saturday too! It is the 16th of August, right? How conveeeenient!

    Excellent holiday ideas, btw!

  3. Well, the 4th is Kick Back Dude’s 23rd birthday and the 10th is Love Bug’s 1st birthday :-) Aw!

    How about…
    Sunscreen Appreciation Day
    Blog About Someone You Met Recently Day
    Write a Song Day (lyrics and/or music)

  4. BHM’s 51st Birthday is on the 10th of August.
    Sloppy Joes Day,
    Comic Book Hero Day
    Snapshot With Yer Camera Phone Or Camera Day And Post The Pictures..
    Raid Day… Kill Bugs Dead….

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