I Didn’t Even Know I Could Auto Write

I had a very restless sleep last night. So I’m sleepy AND I have to work overtime today! Joy! I was in and out of a weird sleep and had another strange dream that I must share. You’ve been warned.

Bare with me…I was apparently roommates with Kate Beckinsale in a two-bedroom apartment. She went out for the evening, so I was sitting up in bed reading. There was a bathroom next to my bed and my cat was wandering around in there. She walked out, but then she looked up to the top of the doorway and got freaked out at something. Her back was arched and everything. Then the door slowly closed by itself. Freaky.

When Kate (we’re on a first name basis, but in the dream I forgot her name) came home with some friends, I tried to tell her what happened. She didn’t believe me. Hmmph. So I went into another bedroom and tried to get some sleep. I heard a voice say in a creepy way, “I want to talk to you”, and I was suddenly overcome with the urge to write something on paper. Conveniently, there was a blank notebook on the nightstand, so I grabbed it and started auto writing like people sometimes do during a séance. When I read it back, the only thing I could really understand was the name “Matthew” something or other. I could read it better in my dream. It was definitely a full name. I shared it with some people and laughed at my messy handwriting, and the rest of the evening was haunt-free.

Woke up and my radio alarm, which I think is on its last days, was between frequencies or something, because although it was on I could barely hear it. So I turned it to a clearer channel and tried to sleep without dreaming. But by then it was time to get up. Ugh.

11 thoughts on “I Didn’t Even Know I Could Auto Write

  1. Ksra: I need to step away from my coworkers too. When I was writing this out I remembered that some of my dream came from a story our receptionist was telling me about being left alone at night in a creepy house.

    NoRegrets: Thanks! I still can’t shake the dream.

    Laura B: It’s kind of fun to be able to remember most of them too. I had to write this one down this morning so it wouldn’t fade. I just wish I had remembered the whole name I wrote down in my dream. Would’ve been fun to look it up.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having Kate Beckinsale as a roomate; so long as she pays the rent and shares in the chores, it’ll be all right.

    Dreams are funny if we can remember them; I usually forget most of mine soon as I wake up.

  3. Eeekkkkkkk that is freaky!!!! I’ve been having some weird dreams myself. Maybe your apartment is haunted. Some weird things have happened here at my place but nothing too bad ((KNOCK ON WOOD)). I may write about this in a blog sooner or later!

  4. Eroswings: Well it seemed to me that Kate wasn’t very supportive or sympathetic about the apartment being haunted. This might scar me from watching anymore of her movies. ;)

    Renee: You should write about your experiences on your blog! I’d love to read them….And then have more weird dreams. But yeah, some of that dream was pretty freaky. When I woke up, I was still a bit nervous.

    BabyBull: I don’t know how I could forget her name, I do remember almost addressing her as “Hey you!”

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