Rockin on the Plastic, One Dollar Flute

I was wandering around the dollar store on Friday afternoon and came across a package of two plastic, toy flutes/recorders. It took me back to grade school when our teacher gave us more professional-looking wooden recorders and taught us how to play “Hot Crossed Buns” on them. Anyway, I picked up the package of flutes.

Then that night I rocked out with one of the flutes. Please don’t be jealous of my talent.

Oh and this was supposed to be a longer video. I spliced a few videos together, but apparently YouTube and Yahoo don’t do spliced videos. Youtube just played the first part and Yahoo video freezes after the first section. Anyway, this’ll do.

17 thoughts on “Rockin on the Plastic, One Dollar Flute

  1. I’m sorry, but I just can’t help seething with jealousy!

    What really made it for me was the look of faux-concentration at the beginning, then the eyebrow raise at the end. Genius!

  2. Malcolm: Hi! Yes, it just goes to show that we don’t realize the hidden musical talents of our online friends.

    IDV: Now see, I told you not to be jealous. I guess I should put a warning on the video. ;) Glad you liked it. Hehe.

    Eroswings: Music video is currently being filmed. I told my agent that the first copies of my CD go to my fellow bloggers.

    T-Bird: Yes, I suffer for my work….as does my listening audience, I’m sure. ;)

    Evil-E: As I told Eroswings, I informed my agent that the first album copies will go exclusively to my blogging friends. With my autograph! What a deal.

  3. DMarks: Damn straight!

    Laura B: Why thank you, I always like to hear that from my fans. ;)

    AlienCG: What can I say? “It’s a calling, it’s a gift.” :)

    Ksra: I do like to play yazz flute. “It’s a fact.”

  4. Ohhh dollar $tores are fun :)! Once in awhile you can find some cool sh*t :) there! In regards to your video – KENNY G. watch out! There’s a new woman in town :) hee hee!

  5. ClearThinker: Thanks! I like my oversized Cartment T-shirt too. Had to look in the mens department to find it, but I’m glad I did.

    Renee: Hi, how are you? Yes, dollar stores are so fun to shop in. I forget how much stuff I could get there instead of at a more expensive store. Lots of goodies.

    And that’s right, Kenny G has some competition now. ;)

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