Video from 2006

This was taken the day before my first ghost hunt at the Ohio State Reformatory. I was so psyched about going that I had all my stuff prepared, including backpack. So this is just a quick video.


4 thoughts on “Video from 2006

  1. You were well prepared for that trip and you were very helpful when I was preparing for the same trip.

    I still have your email address and you have no MySpace, I am going to try and hook something up real soon. It involves, me and three of my readers (Alien, Renee, and yourself) Do you like Mexican?

  2. Evil-E: I do like Mexican! Keep me posted, the gathering sounds like fun!

    Eroswings: No, I was fresh out of holy water and the only priest I would want to bring with me is Gabriel Byrne when he played one in Stigmata. He wasn’t available. ;) I did catch some orbs in photos, but didn’t see any face-to-face. Dodgy little bastards.

    T-Bird: There were some mysterious orbs that showed up in some photos I took, but I didn’t see anything in person. I did get serious chills while out by one section of the old prison. It was cold outside, so that attributed to some of that feeling, but I left that area in a hurry.

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