It’s Almost Friday! Yay!

I could probably post this tomorrow, but I’m bored and thought I’d do another post for today. Some random facts-n-stuff.

– What is with me and posting more than one thing on some days? I can’t help myself sometimes. It might be a disorder called manic blogging. I’ll look into it, but I won’t promise that I’ll seek help for it.

– The very edge of my right eyelid itches on occasion.

– I must’ve missed the memo today, but apparently it’s Don’t Use Your Turn Signal Day.

– I’m very excited about my concert on Sunday. Not just then, but also the dress rehearsal on Saturday. We’re supposed to be there by 9:30am…9am for the smaller choir within our larger choir. But I’m not in that one, so I don’t have to be in till 9:30am. Did you get all that? After our rehearsal, we’re going to a local restaurant to give our pianist a farewell brunch.

If you’re in the area on Sunday, and you feel like listening to a bunch of people sing stuff directly at you, here are the details:

Southwest Community Chorus

Sunday, April 27th

United Methodist Church of Berea

170 Seminary Street
Berea, OH 44017
Time: 3pm

Admission Price: $7.00. If you’re 12 years old or younger, you get in free.

Some songs we’ll sing include: “Zippa Dee Doo Dah”, “Get Happy”, “American Folk Trilogy” and “The Road Not Taken”

I think the price is worth it, but I might be a tad biased cuz we’ve practiced our butts off since January. I might have said earlier that we’ve been practicing since September. No. That was for the Christmas concert. And this guy is not the type to let us out early. We have practiced every Monday from January up till now, from 7:30pm till 9pm. The last couple of weeks we’ve been practicing from 7:15pm till 9pm. It’s grueling, sweat-shop type stuff.

– I tried once again to have microwaveable meatloaf, but it tasted gross and is nowhere near the blissful-tasting meatloaf my mom prepares. I will never eat meatloaf from a box again, as God as my witness.


6 thoughts on “It’s Almost Friday! Yay!

  1. I tend to think that more posting is always nice!

    I wish I could be there to hear your concert…I wanna hear you hit that high note :-)

    As for the meatloaf, forget the boxed stuff…you could make your own so, so easily. Meatloaf is one of the easiest things ever.

  2. Laura B: I think if a group of us sang that high note long enough, you would hear it all the way in California. I’ll have to have my mom give me a refresher course on meatloaf making, because I’m not going the microwave route again. Blergh!

    Silver: Thank you! :)

    Evil-E: Deep down I knew meatloaf shouldn’t be microwaveable, but I just kept trying and making myself a test subject. No more. Thank you for the luck on the concert, I will do my best.

    RM: It really, really isn’t. My stomach is still a bit queasy at the thought of the taste. From now on, homemade meatloaf.

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