write a blog post in lowercase letters day

this kind of typing drives me nuts, but i figure it’s just for one post. jim gaffigan remarks about it too. “you know you’re lazy when you can’t even reach the shift key. (straining to reach “shift” key)…ehhhh…they get the idea.”

last night was our last monday night rehearsal for choir. remember that note i was telling you about that was really high and i wanted to sing it? the note is so high, it’s actually optional and it is way up, off of the staff. it’s almost like that note princess fiona sings in “shrek” when she makes the bird pop. well anyway, i sang what i thought the note in our music sounded like, but just to check i had our director and pianist go to that note again. sure enough, i hit the right note. yay! ha! take that “constant cackler”! the lady next to me looked at me and said, “hey if you can sing it, go ahead. you’re still young.” after rehearsal, i was on my way out of the church. the “constant cackler” was behind me, so i held the door for her. she asked almost in a suspicious tone, “how long have you been able to sing that note? i just told her that i tried last week, but wasn’t sure of the note, so i had to ask this time around. i felt pretty content about singing that high, though.

well i can’t take this anymore, i’m going to shift back to both upper and lowercase letters pretty soon. it’s very hard to type an “i” and not capitalize it. or type in a name of someone and not use uppercase letters.


10 thoughts on “write a blog post in lowercase letters day

  1. i type all lowercase when i am chatting sometimes. cause thats how the kids do it. haha! congrats on hitting the high note! my singing voice, in addition to being, um, not good, is also very limited in range. way to show the constant cackler!!!

  2. RM: Thanks!

    Churlita: It’s a little bit choir-like and a little bit rock-n-roll. We have a drummer for our concert, so I consider some of our stuff a little rock-n-rollish.

    Laura B: Thank you, I was no longer frustrated with her after I hit that note. :)

    Silver: Thanks! I ordered a few CDs, so I’ll probably post a song when we get them in the mail.

    Evil-E: That’s right!

    AlienCG: Well my throat was a tad shocked by it, but not much.

    Dmarks: You should!

  3. NoRegrets: This one I made up, but many are great ideas given to me by bloggers. I usually do a call out for holiday ideas within a week of the next month, and then I do the holiday list. Some are actual holidays, though.

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