Choir Species: For Evil-E’s Collection

Evil-E recently asked me if there were any species in my choir. I was surprised to find that I could only think of one to write about on here….Or was there more? Well let me start with the first one…

The Loud, Constant Cackler: The fact that this lady is a cat person keeps me from feeling too annoyed. At least she’s got that going for her, and the fact that she can be fun to talk to if I’m in a chatty mood as well.

But never mind that now! The reason she makes the “species” list is because she laughs at almost every single thing our director says. He is a funny guy, but she laughs even if he’s not trying to be funny. Like when he stops us because he caught a mistake and then has us go to a certain spot in the song. Then, as is his character, he sometimes stops us at that and says, “Wait, stop, I’ve changed my mind.” It happens, right? She laughs every time he says that, and he does it several times each practice. Perhaps he could be a species too? And it’s not a little giggle or even muffled. She cackles loudly and for too long. It’s a little distracting.

The Persnickety Soprano: I noticed her back when I first attended choir. She reminded me of a girl I went to choir with in high school who seemed to think she was the choir director incognito. Demanding that people who messed up on a line should stop and sing it right, calling others tone deaf. She called me tone deaf once and it stung, to put it mildly. But again, never mind that now! I digress. So the species I’m talking about was probably in her 50s at the time and she told us when to stop singing at a certain time and how to stop singing. I think I saw her on our first day back for Spring, but she doesn’t sit anywhere near me.


9 thoughts on “Choir Species: For Evil-E’s Collection

  1. The Loud Constant Cackler sounds like a good one. I have encountered people like this before. They laugh at everything and when they it is very disturbing. Almost Halloween-like.

    The persnickety Soprano….I think I have met a form of this being. They exist everywhere and they always expect all around them to be perfect, though they are not perfect themselves. This person takes themselves way to seriously.

    Good job. I like when people “help the cause”.

  2. NoRegrets: I hope you do post the one at your work!

    Evil-E: Definitely want to support “the cause”. The species hunt could become as powerful as your Tuesday Tags or your Saturday Scavenger Shots! It has definite potential.

  3. Churlita: That thought occurred to me too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to flirt with him. He’s young, he’s charming, he’s kinda cute…But he’s also more than kinda married with kids.

    Yeah, the persnickety one might be suffering from control issues, too….and a need for attention.

  4. Sorry, it’s been a bad week, but I’m commenting now.

    I know a few cacklers who laugh at everything. I think they’re just nervous or something.

    The persnickety soprano sounds like she is going to usurp power from the director and lead the choir herself.

  5. Nervousness could be the source, that’s true.

    If persnickety soprano takes over that choir, I’m outta there. I’ll form my own choir, if I have to! No persnicketies permitted on premises.

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