Choir…The saga continues.

So our choir has been practicing since January for our Spring concert that happens later this month, and hopefully without any bad storms like we had in December. Although fighting through those streets to get to the concert gave me some courage to drive through snow for the rest of the season.

Anyway, we’re coming along, the hard pieces don’t seem quite as difficult. Here are some funny/interesting/random things that happened last night during practice:

  • We had to practice in another area of the church last night, so seating arrangements weren’t normal. I sat next to a tenor. Usually this is exciting for me when I can sit next to someone who isn’t in the same singing section, because it helps us sing better knowing that we’re on our own. It’s also interesting to hear how other sections sing their parts. The guy was a proud singer. He hit all his notes, but he was LOUD! A couple times when he blasted out some notes, it stung my left ear since he was sitting to my left.
  • Our piano player had his back to the wall and if our director went to the back to hear a section sing a certain part, our piano player would have to poke his head over the top of the piano and peer across to see what was going on. Someone joked with him and said he looked like the gopher from “Caddyshack”, and in response our director did a pretty good impression of Bill Murray’s character, twisted his mouth and said “I see you, Mr. Gopher!”
  • Our director also tried to explain a joke (an innocent, rock-n-roll joke without any innuendos) that was only funny and memorable to him, and then just gave up and apologized once he saw a room full of blank stares. Then just him turning red and apologizing made us all laugh. Poor guy. Hehe.
  • We’re singing a song called “Rhythm of Life”. It’s a pain. A very fast-moving and wordy song. I was hoping that he would take it out of the program, but then as if sensing my wonder, he had us practice the song last night. We’ve actually made progress with it. Then I was happy to find out he was still having us practice the song “Salvation is Created”, because I love that one, it gives me chills.

9 thoughts on “Choir…The saga continues.

  1. is Rhythm of Life from the Lion King? If it’s the same song that would be hard to sing I think. Also if it’s the same song I should tell you that my husband LOVES that song and cranks it up as if it were Led Zepplin when it gets a hit on our CD player. (We have a 200 disk changer so it’s exciting when a song you like finally gets a turn).

  2. Furtive Wangler: It is fun! Sometimes I have to drag myself there on Monday nights because I’m tired from working that day, but once I get there it’s all worth it.

    Laura B.: I will definitely record that song for you! I remember singing it with my high school choir once and it was powerful then, too.

    Abroad: No, but I wish we sang songs from “The Lion King”. I used to play my Lion King cassette so many times and especially repeated “Hakuna Matata” and “Circle of Life”. Loved those songs.

    Evil-e: There’s one choir species that pops out, so I’ll have to post about her today. Once I start writing about her, others might pop into my head from past choir practices. Sadly, our director didn’t taint our minds by saying anything questionable. ;)

  3. He is fun. I didn’t have the patience to accept him at first when he was our new director, I was too sad about losing our original guy. But he has consistently proven to be an excellent director.

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