Happy April 2008!

Here’s dah list. Thank you for the suggestions again, I used them all! And for those who might be reaching a certain number of posts on their blog, just keep me posted so that we can celebrate it! Now without further delay…

APRIL 2008!!

1. Lon Chaney’s Birthday (1883)/Happy April Fools! Plan Yer Best Prank Day!
2. Experiment with a New Recipe Day
3. David Hyde Pierce’s Birthday (1959)
4. Temperatures over 70 degrees Appreciation Day
5. Gregory Peck’s Birthday (1916)
6. Mexican Food Appreciation Day
7. Car Wash Day
8. Tuesday Tags One Year Anniversary
9. April Make It Rain Day
10. Cake Appreciation Day
11. Coffee Appreciation Day
12. Favorite Scary Movie Day
13. Help AlienCG Plant His Garden Day
14. Ask a Really Stupid Question Day
15. Thank an IRS Agent/Stockholm Syndrome Day
16. Banana Appreciation Day
17. Buy Something You’ve Never Tried at the Grocery Store Day
18. Take a Photo of Your Vacuum Cleaner Day
19. Passover
20. Have Lunch Outside Day (Weather Permitting)
21. Write a Blog Posting ALL IN CAPS Day
22. Write a Blog Posting all in lowercase Day
23. Administrative Professionals Day
24. “Hoops & YoYo” Appreciation Day
25. Take Me Out to the Ball Game Day! (Indians vs Yankees)
26. Gurgle Your Mouthwash Day (and Record It)
27. Favorite Comedic Movie Day
28. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Day
29. Zipper Day (Zipper Patented by Gideon Sindback, 1913)
30. April Fool’s Day 2 (for MiniJonB)

Astrological Signs:

Aries: March 21 – April 19
Taurus: April 20 – May 20


Diamond (Modern and Traditional)

Flowers of the Month:

Sweet Pea (means “I think of thee”), Daisy

Other Observances for April Include (But Not Limited To):

Welding Month (National)
Poetry Month (National)
Kite Flying Month (National)
Humor Month (National)
Counseling Awareness Month
Autism Awareness Month
Donate Life Month (Organ Donation)
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month


5 thoughts on “Happy April 2008!

  1. A good list, as always I will try and observe a couple of them at least. My material has been falling out of my head like crazy lately, so the holidays have been difficult to do sometimes.

    I have to go and start celebrating welding month!!

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