I Was Here…(a Traveling Meme)

Brought to you by DMarks, here is the “Places I’ve Visited” meme. I listed these in order of memory recall. They are not alphabetized.


Andalusia (college project)
Birmingham (To see Ms. Rosa Parks…The celebration was held there instead of Montgomery, and we were on our way home from Andalusia, so we stopped there to see her! I really should’ve brought my camera.)


Tucson (first visit to lovely Arizona)
Flagstaff (Grand Canyon, baby!)
Phoenix (I’ll be back.)
Peoria (yes, it does exist in Arizona and in Illinois)
Glendale (Downtown Glendale is an antiquer’s paradise…Just ask my mom.)
Scottsdale (awesome thunderstorms)
Sedona (Chapel of the Holy Cross, community of psychics, beautiful scenery and my dream wedding location)
Red Rock (Lots of rock that’s red, but pretty)

South Carolina:

Columbia (the location of our first Dougray Divafest reunion)
Irmo (cute town)
Charleston (historical village)


Miami (just buzzing with excitement and the bluest water I’ve ever seen)
Key West (Hemingway’s house, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, trolley rides and the southernmost point of the continental U.S.)


Houston (lots of greenery and scenery)
Austin (cute little bed-n-breakfast near a drive-through liquor store)


Ann Arbor (to see my brother graduate…lots of rain there)
Dearborn (Henry Ford museum and a very cool hotel with two huge pools)


Las Vegas (Caesar’s Palace….replica of the Statue of David…..FAO Schwartz toy store….Cirque du Soleil)

Calgary (fun place, eh?)

A city just across the border that I can’t remember

Nassau (people standing on corners offering to braid your hair or give you a cab ride, narrow alleyways filled with vendors telling us to slow down and buy stuff)


Lakewood (lived here)
Brook Park (and here)
North Olmsted (and here…temporarily)
Middleburg Heights (here…temporarily)
Strongsville (and finally here)
Aurora (for Geauga Lake/Six Flags/Sea World)
Sandusky (for Cedar Point)
Millersburg (my mom had an antique shop there)
Medina (my mom had one here too at one point)
Avon Lake
Painesville (we have relatives out there)
Willoughby (where I had surgery for my dog bite)
Mansfield (Three ghost hunts at the old prison)

New York:

Niagara Falls (I don’t remember anything about it, I just have photos proving I was there with my family)

I won’t tag anyone, but you should do this meme, because it was fun remembering this stuff.


6 thoughts on “I Was Here…(a Traveling Meme)

  1. Churlita: I didn’t think I would be able to list many places, but I’ve been to more cities than I thought!

    Suze: Two of my brothers live out there. I love visiting that state. You should definitely go back for a vacation or something!

    Evil-E: I didn’t realize I had traveled to so many cities until I started remembering them all.

    Laura B: Eventually I’d like to add Ireland, Scotland, England and Australia to the list.

    Dmarks: Thanks! It was a fun meme!

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