If Only I Knew

The second photo I posted of my birthday party for Saturday Scavenger Shots got me thinking this weekend and today. I wondered what we were laughing at that day, because it seemed it was something hilarious. I wish I could remember every detail about that day so that I could find out what was so funny and possibly laugh at it. But since I was about 9 years old and lots of little things could’ve been making us laugh, there’s really no way of knowing. My boyfriend at the time, C, could’ve been the source. He was a pretty funny character. I just don’t know.

Then there was a time when I was sitting in English class in high school, and talking to a classmate. I remember the two of us laughing so hard for several minutes about something. About what though, I haven’t the faintest idea. We couldn’t breathe, we just sat there with our hands over our mouths, our shoulders shaking from our contained laughter. It was great, I just wish I knew what provoked it.

Fast forward to last July while we were vacationing at my brother’s place. We laughed hard then, too, but this time we knew the source. It was my 3-year-old nephew’s laughing fit at the dinner table.  The key phrase that night that got him going was “swipe the food off the table”. He’d throw his little head back and laugh so hard that it was contagious. No need for a TV sitcom or a funny movie that night, he had us all laughing with him. What happened was that my sister-in-law got up from the table to get something. One of their cats jumped up on the chair and peered across the table at us and at the food. Things got a little crazy, and we found out that the cat’s nickname is “Little Nose”. My brother gathered up the cat and said “Uh oh, Little Nose, Little Nose! She’s gonna swipe the food off the table!” And that’s what started the laughter. All we had to do after that to get my nephew laughing again, was to say “swipe the food off the table”. I’m sure that when he grows up, and if he remembers that day and that moment and remembers he was laughing, he will probably wonder why he was laughing so hard.

I wish I could bottle up those moments. They’d be nice during a day when you really needed a laugh.

5 thoughts on “If Only I Knew

  1. Evil-E: I definitely wish I had written everything down in a journal!

    Laura: Ha, he probably would like Dora!

    AlienCG: Yup, my brothers had much to do with some of my laughing fits, too.

    Silver: Don’t you wish you could remember that kind of thing?

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