Celebrate Your Newest Family Member Day!

Hey everybody, welcome to March 1st! Yay! We might actually have some thunderstorms today in ye old Cleveland area. I’d like to hear some thunder.

Anyway, today we celebrate our newest family members! It’s been a few years since my newest family member was born. My nephew will have his next birthday in July (the 3rd of July, I believe).

Your turn! Even if you have recently brought a new pet into the family, that counts as well. Pets are certainly family too!

9 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Newest Family Member Day!

  1. Counting pets, my newest family member is our puppy Tank. He is still less than four months old and already growing enormous! Handsome Lad and Secret Agent Man are the ones who really take care of him and they are doing a fine job. Happy Newest Family Member Day, Tanky!

  2. LB: Aww Tank. I think dogs keep a little bit of their puppy attitude as they grow up, doesn’t matter how old they are.

    Tim: Woo hoo! Yes, I think I would be the newest member of my family if my brothers hadn’t gone ahead and got married, and then some of them went ahead and had kids. Sheesh. :)

    Evil-E: That definitely counts!

    Reformat: Congrats on your new cousin!

    AlienCG: Definitely. Those had to be some serious labor pains.

  3. I am celebrating the birth of my new nephew.. its hard they are 3000 miles away.. but I can still jump anddance like nobody’s fool…lol

  4. Hi Tara.

    Long time no blogee. I’ve been enormously distracted by three days of labour, followed by a son. 8 pounds, 15 ounces of him from my 110 pound wife. Yikes!

    Anyhoo, drop over to my place if you want to get a gander at the first published pic’s of the little nipper.

    Man! You’ve been having some weather there! I almost hate to say it, but over here on the Wet Coast, the robins have been around a couple of weeks, the crocus and snowdrops the same, and my first daffodil bloomed today.

    I’m not gloating. Really! I’m just an insufferable west coaster letting you know that spring is on the way to you. From me. With love.

  5. My newest family member on my mother’s side is…my Aunt, who married my Uncle in 1988. And on my dad’s side, I had a cousin who was born in 1989. He’s almost finished High School, but he lives in the states and I never see him very much.

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