Speak In A Pretend/Fake French Accent Day

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11 thoughts on “Speak In A Pretend/Fake French Accent Day

  1. listen wery carefully, I shall zay zis earnly wernce – that was terrible! you’ll never make it on frenchmaid TV, what ever that is, I never even heard of it

    if you don’t get ‘allo allo’ in the US that above comment will need some more explanation

  2. Well it is “pretend” French accent day, Arthur, not “I’m trying for the Academy Awards” French accent day. That’ll be next month. :) However, if you want me to try it again later, I will.

  3. FW: I took four years of French back in high school. Actually took a class in basic French before high school. And do you know what I got out of the handful of classes? “Bonjour!”, “Au’revoir!”, “Je m’appelle Tara”, “Je suis content” and “Ca va?”. And that’s about it.

    Nicole: I wish I could help you..I just know how to record through Blogger. Maybe there’s something you can find for your website!

    ESB: That’s a good German accent there. Maybe that should be another regular holiday for each month, to speak in a different accent once a month.

    Martyn: Mirci beaucoup!

    Arthur: No worries…I went through many outtakes because I sounded ridiculous. Sadly, this was my final draft. :)

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