Candles with Sink Holes

Simply put, I like to make candles. I have all the incredients, all I need is inspiration and the ability to get off my butt during my freetime. I love making that kind of stuff, and one of these days I’ll tinker with making incense again. I also make soap. Not real elegant stuff, just bars of glycerin soap from plastic molds.

Anyway, whenever I make candles, I tend to put them in the freezer to cool. All of the candles I’ve made have sink holes by the wicks. For the longest time I scratched my head trying to figure out why these were occuring.

Today I found out that the sink holes are caused by air bubbles in the wax. These occur when the wax is poured into the canister/mold too fast. I do that all the time. You’re also supposed to tap the mold so that all the wax is settled (sprinkle, sprinkle, tap tap).

So there you have it. FYI. If you make candles in the near or late future and you find you have a sink hole, you’ll know why. Then you can see just how far the candle hole goes. That’s the part of “The Matrix” they won’t tell you.


4 thoughts on “Candles with Sink Holes

  1. Thank you for having the courage to dispel this blatant lie. I can see clearly now! I can go on to live a sink-hole-free existence.

    I gotta get myself some “incredients” right away!

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